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Fishing Report

Central Florida has over 400sq miles of some of the most exciting shallow water fishing you could ever dream of. For years Cocoa Beach has been considered by sport fishermen as the best place in the world to sight fish redfish and gator trout. Because of the large numbers of redfish that make their home on our flats this area has been the target of numerous fishing shows and magazine articles. So, stop dreaming about fishing the flats and watching us do it on TV and let's go catch some memories of your own.

Redfish are not the only fish Cocoa Beach has to offer. We also have fantastic numbers of speckled sea trout, snook and tarpon that make their home in our waters. During several times of the year it is possible to catch all four species in a day.

I am a Cocoa Beach native with over 35 years experience sight fishing the Space Coast. I offer both Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Spinning fishing trips. If you have never been sight fishing the flats before, don't worry. I cater to all experience levels, from beginner to expert. If you are worried about your casting skills don't be concerned. I am happy to take the time to teach you a trick or two to improve your cast. As a guide my job is to help you catch fish. I will do everything I can to help you do just that without the stress and screaming you my have encountered with other guides. My philosophy is that fishing should be fun and relaxing. So lets get out and have a good time and put some fish in the boat. To see what we are catching now go to my Cocoa Beach fishing report.

If you are an experienced sight caster or fly fisherman here is something you'll love. Nothing on my deck to get in your way. I hate stumbling over or getting my fly line hung up on a trolling motor or other clutter when I'm fishing. Besides, I'm a poling purist, I don't even own a trolling motor. I come from the old school of sight fisherman. It is all about stealth and the thrill of the chase. Most of my life has been standing on a platform spotting fish for people and setting them up for the cast.

Cocoa Beach fishing guide / charters

When the conditions are right, you can spot these reds feeding on the flats 200 yards away. With the fish in your site, you sneak up on them, cast you line, and hold on. These fish are a absolute blast to catch on light tackle. After fighting a big red, you can count on going home with a sore arm. I tell most of my clients that in Cocoa Beach we don't catch reds, they catch us.

Most of the redfish we have caught on my charters in Cocoa Beach over the past 15 years have averaged 30 pounds with a few up to 50 pounds. I'm not bragging. That's just the fish we have here in Cocoa Beach. If you think I'm pulling your leg, (They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well here's a few million words.) Click Here and see for yourself.

Another fun fish to catch in Cocoa Beach is the spotted sea trout. It is common to catch them between 12 to 27 inches with an occasional gator (30+ inches). There are few things more exciting than hooking into a big trout on a top water lure. Over the past few years we have been catching a few of these fish every year pushing world record size.

If Gator Sea Trout and Bull Reds aren't enough or your just looking for something that loves to spend a little more time in the air. Cocoa Beach is home to some fantastic snook and tarpon fishing. The snook are more of a spring to late fall fish but one of Cocoa Beach's best kept secrets is the year round Tarpon Fishing. We have put tarpon in the boat when the temperatures are in the 40's and 50's. Most of these fish are in the 10 to 40 pound range but where else can you still catch tarpon in the winter? 

Cocoa Beach Fishing Report
November 26th, 2012 fishing report by Capt Doug Blanton

It's turning out to be a typical late fall and winter on the flats here in Cocoa Beach. Every year at this time we have what I call rollercoaster fishing. One day you will hammer them and the next you don't. The fun part of this is the days their on, hold on, cold water reds fight like there's no tomorrow. Where a summer time red in the 20 pound range can be brought to the boat in 10 to 20 minutes some of these cold water reds can take much longer. I have watched people fight for 20 minutes bringing one of these fish to the boat just to watch them strip 100 yards back off their reel.

Over the past few weeks when the fishing has been good we have been boating and jumping nice tarpon up to 25 pounds. Catching a few reds up to 30 pounds and catching a hand full of 3 to 4 pound trout. On most days we have been able to catch all the above on fly and light tackle. Some days the trout fishing has been a little better on spinning while the tarpon have been easer to hook on fly.

Click here for my full Cocoa Beach fishing Report.

I am a full time U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain with over 35 years experience fishing the Indian and Banana Rivers from Titusville to Cocoa Beach for redfish, trout, snook and tarpon.

I currently fish from a 2005 Famous Craft 1800XL with a 2008, 150 Mercury OptiMax Saltwater. It is one of the most comfortable and driest flats boats on the market.

So what make me different from all the other inshore guides that advertise in Cocoa Beach.

  1. I am a Cocoa Beach native and a Full Time Cocoa Beach Fishing Guide.

  2. I am the only full time guide in Cocoa Beach that specializes in Fly and Light Tackle sight fishing redfish.

  3. Over 75% of my clients have fished with me before.

  4. I fish the Cocoa Beach waters over 300 days a year and have over 35 years experience sight fishing redfish with artificial in Cocoa Beach.

  5. I have worked as a full time fishing guide for over 17 years here in Cocoa Beach.

  6. I do not fish with my clients. It is my job to help you catch fish. 

  7. I provide everything except lunch on all my charters. I have your Fishing license, spinning and fly rods and reels, lures and flies, Cokes, water, Gatorade, ice, sunscreen and polarized sunglasses. I carry everything you need to have a great day on the water.

  8. $25 from every charter I run goes to support Autism Support Programs here in Brevard through 

One of the most common complaints I hear about guides is about the cheep fishing gear they use. When you fish with me expect to be provided with everything I expect when I hire a guide. 

You can always count on:

I also provide the following...

You should bring the following...

  • Hat

  • Non Skid and Non Marking Sole Shoes

  • Polarized Sunglasses if you have them

  • A lunch or something for you to snack on we can also stop at on of our dockside restaurants and get something to go

 Contact Information

Please feel free to call or e-mail any questions about availability or information about my charters.

Phone 321-432-9470 


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Cocoa Beach Fishing guide Capt Doug Blanton

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